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The only real time tracking solution for process oriented business. 

Our desktop system allows managers, planners, quality engineers,and executives to plan or capture their existing and future processes and track processes throughout their office systems.  The comprehensive data collection allows our customers to have visibility into all of their processes and manage the data for trend analysis and look ahead to avert potential problems.  Defect data collection minimizes troubleshoot time by using failure history to help solve problems quicker by only solving the problem once. 

Imagine your business process as a set of dominoes.  Each process is built up of small steps that can be branched out in different ways these building blocks are put in place and are critical to the completion of your process.  Our system allows you to set up a track for each process and then manages the flow of jobs through that process.  Once configured the process can be easily duplicated, we set up the dominoes over and over to allow our customers to start the action with a single push. 

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