Welcome to Redline Logic

The creators of Traction  and the future of your process oriented business.

What If?

That is the question that inspires the innovators at Redline Logic.  Technology is expanding at a monumental rate everyday.  Harnessing this power is essential in shaping our future.  Automated processes allow our customers to spend time expanding their markets without jeopardizing the day to day tasks that are their foundation.

Customer Success

A strong commitment to our customers' success powers everything we do.  Our products, services, and support are directed at making your company stronger.  Redline Logic thrives on your success.

It is our job to increase your levels of productivity, customer satisfaction, and visibility into your processes.  We will help to make your customers happy and keep them coming back, by giving them the security of process control as well as a vision into their products through customer specialized reports.

Companies striving for a way to become ISO certified or even ISO compliant need a way to organize processes and follow them.  We are striving to make this an easier task.

Our Mission

To provide our Customers with Streamlined Manufacturing Solutions that brings Real-Time results to every level of the Organization. Redline Logic Solutions are not only what you need, they are everything you want at your fingertips.

Company Profile

Our company is built around a few founding principles.

  • Any process that has a logical progression can be automated.
  • Maximize use of all available resources.
  • Data should be entered only once.